Research have shown that schools and school systems all across the world are consistently seeking ways of improving student achievement to respond to the growing public recognition of the importance of education for individual and societal progress and success. Every student has the potential to succeed and inside each one of them is a doctor, lawyer, teacher, policeman/woman, pilot, farmer, scientist, fisherman, builder, or taxi driver. But what does it take to unlock that potential?

For starters, it takes great teachers doing what they do best in the classroom, and the leadership of a great principal. But given the extraordinary challenges that our students face, it often takes more than just the assistance from our teachers and principal.

First, students should always be open to new ideas, methods or strategies that will further enhance their learning abilities. In other words, students should embrace "life-giving change," change that will bring forth genuine fruit, season after season. It is a fact that in our world today, some students stifle their own creativity by their failure to accept "life-giving change". In fact, nature teaches us that everything of this world is constantly changing. Positive students are never over-burdened by life-giving change but are always open to new approaches.

Moreover, too many students, especially those with very limited resources, face circumstances far beyond their control. For example, violence, gangs, and poverty are realities that some students face daily within our society. These factors can cause students to lose focus on their studies and can even limit what they think they can achieve for themselves.

Therefore, it is important that we show our students that "poverty isn't destiny" and that success is always possible. Let us help them to unlock their God-given potential. As one writer affirms, "The goal of public education is to build the next generation of leaders." Hence the reason Christian Formation MUST become an integral part of our school system.