To whom it may concern I was born black and still am for I have found no reason to downgrade into red, blue or green. I said that to say this, I do not adhere or entrap myself in any particular motion but feel free to marvel with all of creation. Sometimes you write this and these watch you cut-eyes, sometimes you write that and those vex.

Now, if the prime minister is really serious about coming together and hoping that the twenty-one could mesh into one forever, the first thing he has to do is pull brakes on divisiveness. Stop the fools who talk in his name on the radio. As long as he permits that stupidity to persist in his name he is not serious about togetherness.

It does not matter what anyone says or does. He is supposed to be the leader and should stand above board. He should throw the cloak of rabble-rouser and be a statesman. He should do things that all will be pleased with and not just the sick.

It is time he stands up, stop being a little boy having negative joy. After fifteen years he should have matured into a man. As we have said before, quoting Confucius the leader is like the wind and the people like grass which tends to bend whichever way the wind blows. The fact that so many people left their hands in their pockets after Erika should blow him.

By all accounts you are a very rich man (monetarily) so you should have no fear to be right and just. If fools do not back you because you decide to stop just seeing red then you will have won for you will be in the black. You do not need their kind for they just taint you, and paint you into a corner.

Come out and make a statement that all negative diatribe on the radio should stop now! You do not need their backing for they are crippling your legacy internationally and making all Dominicans seem like grumbling fools. Say, any persons found being partisan with rations will be thrown out of the party and maybe charged depending on the gravity and or frequency of the offense. Any works done on behalf of Government that does not meet inspection by an independent body won't be paid. No minister or his private company should get Government contracts before non-affiliated companies. No affiliates of the party should wear red while upon Government business.

The joke is Roosevelt, if for your own legacy and the betterment of the country, you cannot stand up and be man enough, then you are a fool, a coward, a mouse. You are in a somewhat situation of the tail wagging the dog. In time to come when the history will be written of your tenure as leader all those redokas who call the radio shaming Dominica will not get the blame but your legacy will; it will be one of crippling the country by the dismantling of unity among the people for selfish gain and benefits. There are a lot of people who think that if we do not throw you from the boat as you are presently, then Dominica is doomed. In a funny or paradoxical biblical way of belzebub not working against itself , every time you tell people go home or stay home sunshine happens.

Erika has given you a giant opportunity to raise your status among all the people though according to Winston Churchill you are riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma for you are in de belly of the whale and in de boat at de same time.

Leonardo Joshua