Every time I hear the news that because of a motorcycle accident one young man, or sometimes two, gets killed, I am tempted to say one or two less as the case may be. I usually thank the police for their lack of proper vigilance of those irresponsible young men who have taken over the streets or roads with no fear of correction by the police. This, I must say is mainly responsible for what is going on with the alarming number of traffic accidents occurring in Dominica.

I remember 50 years or so ago when the following persons were alive, men like Messrs J. J. Daway, one time manager of Dominica's Penny Bank; William McNeilly, road supervisor at Public Works Department (PWD); Claude Benton of Cable & Wireless, Ivan Shillingford, Mr. Samuel and Stuart at the then Roseau Hospital. If they were alive today and they saw what is going on with motorcycle riders today they would cringe. People say that this is a different world today; indeed, and to live in it is really unthinkable.

I pay regular visits to the hospital and when I visit the Alford Ward, I see young men lying in severe pain as a result of some terrible accident resulting in the amputation of one leg which surely makes then unfit for any gainful employment. One such victim whom I saw was later discharged and I was sorry to see him standing on clutches by one of our local banks with hands outstretched begging for a dollar. This is what irresponsible riding brought him. It is sad to say that others don't take heed.

In his report, Mr. Claude Weekes, the public relations officer of the Dominica Police Force, should always remind them that the future could be dark and uncomfortable for themselves and their families.