I am more and more convinced that most parents desire what is best for their children, especially when it comes to their academic achievements. Parents do instil within their children a joy for learning and a sense that school is special.

Most parents are also conscious of the fact that 'one can't just send a child to school and expect that child to learn on their own.' There has to be some level of involvement. In other words, parents can't just plant the seed and expect it to grow on its own. It's not going to happen that way. In fact, it has never happened that way. They must be involved in every stage of their children's development.

Too often as a society, we are quick to judge parents for some children's in-ability to excel academically. We very seldom blame students for not remaining focused on their school work, whether at the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary level. Some people are of the view that students seem to be distracted with all kinds of worldly things. In fact, these kids go to school with so many other things on their minds, hindering their very ability for learning.

Students MUST understand that now is not the time to fool around. Now is NOT the time to allow themselves to be distracted. Rather, now is the time when they must try their best to SECURE THEIR FUTURE and that can only come with hard work, sacrifices, determination and prayer. These days, the world has become so competitive. It's all about academic qualifications. It's all about one's ability to read and read well. It's all about one's ability to think critically and that's the goal of a good, positive student. A positive student will not just accept a situation or concept without first trying to critically evaluate its "pros" and "cons".

Yes, while not all students are academically inclined, it does not mean that they should sit by the road-side and do nothing. Rather, they must seek to discover their full human potential. Too many parents are disappointed over their children's academic performance. Research have shown that students who develop a "don't care attitude" at school do not do well. I am therefore calling on all principals and teachers that whenever these kind of attitudes surface within the classrooms, they must not be afraid to report to the relevant authorities before the problem escalates. This will help parents better analyse their children's progress at school.

Every child must understand that their parents are God's gift to them and it is so important that they respect and listen to their wise advice. Therefore, I encourage parents to remain resolute to the task ahead and to do with confidence and love what they have been given the mandate to do. If a child chooses to waste his/her time at school, he/she alone will suffer the consequences at the end. Apart from God in our lives, there is nothing more important than a good Education.