For the past two and half years I have been looking into a term constantly used by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit – national development – and have come to the conclusion that he either does not understand what he is talking about or that the two words national development sounds good. This administration, for reasons they alone know or think they alone know, has placed our natural resources entirely in the hand of foreigners.

I do not need to mention the particular resources. I would rather leave it to you the reader to think of one natural resource that is controlled by a native Dominican. Which brings me to one particular natural resource: since I do not have the permission of the person involved, and conducted my investigation after being told about by someone, I shall mention no names or the particular natural resource.

I can say however, that this project has been going on for almost six years. This tiny island of ours is the eighth country in the world with such a resource. After sending samples to the USA, Canada, South Africa and Spain, the results after testing have been the same, using one word (superior) to crown it all this tiny island Dominica is the only island in the CARICOM region to have this particular resource, so what is the problem? Prime Minister, is it because the person who discovered its potential is a born Dominican? Would you rather have a foreigner handle the whole thing? If so, why? You are the Prime Minister of Dominica, you were voted into office by Dominicans, not by foreigners. Therefore, the welfare of Dominica and Dominicans should be first. How many natural resources of countries in the region is handled by Dominican nationals? If we continue to ignore the potential of our country and our people I can only ask of you Prime Minister.

Quo Vadis Dominica Quo Vadis

National Resource Observer