Harry Soundourayen

Harry Soundourayen and his late brother Jean Zenarre were the founding members of the group Chiktay which was and remains one of the best of the Guadeloupian zouk vocal groups. They're consistently good, always employing a strong stable of studio musicians.

The group had tremendous success in the 80's and have left an indelebale mark on the zouk music genre.

The group started out doing hotels gigs and then with the influence of musical friend, George Decimus of Kassav, they went on to release 8 studio albums. Recording such great hits as La Plis Si Tol and Rosalinda just to name a few.

After the passing of his brother, Harry remained with the group and went on to create the Zouk Flam' concept whit other groups like K.ravan and Week-End.

Today, Harry tours as a solo performer as well as with the group Chiktay and remains a tresor of the French Caribbean music scene.

Frankie Vincent

Frankie Vincent (born on April 18, 1956 in Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe) is a singer, song-writer, producer, painter, manager and musician of at least 170 songs from Guadeloupe. He is known for his provocative and sexually explicit lyrics, brutal outspokenness, and his charming smile. His greatest hit is the single Fruit De La Passion, which is the most notable and successful of his career, selling over 700.000 copies in Metropolitan France, more than any other French Antilles solo singer.

He has sold a total of over two million albums worldwide especially in francophone countries. He is considered by many to be the most popular and successful Guadeloupian solo singer, one of the greatest Caribbean Artists of all time in France, as well as one of the most criticized.

Jim Rama

This newborn star started his career with a band named KANEL formed in Paris, France. His renown talent as a music programmer and arranger earned him work alongside notable artists such as Guy BORDEY and SLAI. Jim has also written many songs.

His music career naturally drove him to release his very first albums "LOV'INTENS' " (Intense Love) and "NUITS INTIMES" (Intimate Nights) with tracks strongly associated with the Zouk love genre.

After his first duo in 2000 with PATRICK ANDREY on the "FACE A FACE vol1" album, they went on to release "FACE A FACE Vol 2" in 2002 and "FACE A FACE vol3" in 2005.

In 2004, Jim releases his second solo album "AS DE COEUR" (Ace of Hearts) with the hit "Sandy". In 2006, his third solo album titled "CHARMES" comes out with the hit song "Touloulou" (a song dedicated to French Guiana).

In 2008 "Face a Face" decides to work with Nickenson Prudhomme in order to bring a Compas touch to the 4th "Face a Face" album. From that collaboration came the hit "Pani Pli Bel" (There is no prettier). On the same album is also featured the hit "Ghetto Face a Face".

With a career that spans over 10 years, Jim Rama has enjoyed great success as a solo artist as well as with the "Face a Face" duo concept.