Marian Jno-Finn – Private Citizen Castle Bruce, Dominica

19th September 2014

Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit Prime Minister & Leader DLP Government Building Roseau, Dominica.

Dear Sir,

It is my intention to vote in this upcoming election for the very first time. I am 45 years old, however I do want my vote to be counted. I have been listening to both you and Mr. Linton and have still not decided – I am on the fence waiting to be convinced.

I am humbly approaching you to honor a debate. This would give persons like me information as to the reason why I should cast my vote. The bible says, "The people perish for lack of knowledge". I want to make informed decision not one based on emotions.

I am writing this solely from a private citizen's point of view. I am not politically motivated in anyway nor am I looking for anything from anyone. It is my right and duty to vote but it your responsibility to inform me as to why I should vote for any political party or person.

Please don't deny me and others like me this great opportunity to make an informed decision – otherwise we might be discouraged to vote.

I hope you receive this with LOVE!!!


Marian Jno-Finn