Scotiabank Bath Estate captured their fourth Dominica Football Association premiership title in six years, with one match in hand, when they edged out nearest rivals, Dublanc at Geneva in the 2012-2013 LIME Premier League, by one goal to nil. Bath Estate' captain and national striker got that most important goal in the 31st minute. Bath Estate could have lost their last three matches and still secure the championship with a superior goal difference over Dublanc who would have to win all their matches down the stretch.

A large crowd was on hand for that game; it was hooting, shouting, laughing, hugs, catcalls and whistles followed by a motorcade to Bath Estate after the final whistle.

Bath Estate won the championships in 2008, 2009 and 2010 before being foiled by Northern Concrete & Steel Bombers in 2011 and Harlem United in 2012. Well, there was no slip-up this year as they scored 46 goals to 14 against for a 32-goal advantage. KFC Harlem 25-22 were a distant second followed by Dublanc 27-25, RIC Kensbro 26-24 and Sagicor South East 22-21.

In more results: Sam Martin Pointe Michel got past the defending champions Harlem United by the odd goal from Danny Williams at Pointe Michel. NSC Bombers pasted Ai-cons 4-2 at Portsmouth with Erskine Williams and Romario Burgins bagging a brace each; and for Ai-cons, Omowali Warner and Rufus Thomas got on the score-sheet. Kensbro in a bottom-of-the- standings clash whipped Wacky Rollers 3-0 at Bath Estate. Mckiel Morancie, Miguel Warrington and Jeremiah Morancie scored for Kensbro.

The points standings: (1) Bath Estate 36 from 15 matches; (2) Dublanc 24-14; (3) South East 22-13; (4) Harlem 20-14; (5) Pointe Michel 19-14; (6) Ai-cons 17-13; (7) Bombers 15-13; (8) Kensbro 12-14; and (9) Rollers 7-12.

Intermediate League

Cube Cheese Barber Shop Bath Estate and Police Sports Club are out front in the DFA Intermediate League with 15 and 12 points respectively while dropping three points each along the way. Cube Cheese lost to Police 3-2, but bounced back to thrash Lion Hearts 8-2, while Police went down to RC Doctors 3-2.

In other results: Lion Hearts won against Jay's Ltd Grand Fond Young Boys (JLGFYB) 3-1 and Underground Starz 3-0; Genesis conquered Byon Strikers 2-0 and vs JLGFYB 3-2; RC Doctors drew 2-2 with Byon Strikers; Underground Starz took out Doctors 3-0 and drew with Pottersville Youth Soccer Academy (PYSA) 1-1; and JLGFYB whipped Byon Strikers 4-0.

The points standings are: CCBS Bath Estate 15; Police 12; Doctors 10; Underground Starz 7; JL GF Young Boys 6, Genesis 6, and Lion Hearts 6; PYSA 4, Byon Strikers 4 and Dominica Secondary Schools 3.

All Island League

In the All Island League there were wins for East Central over Revivers United 3-0; Mahaut Soca Strikers 2-0 vs Campbell Ballers; St Mary's Credit Union Delton United 3 Bafond Point 1; Trafalgar 1 ACS Tarish Pit 1; Tarish Pit 2 Goodwill All Stars 0; Wayne George Academy 2-0 vs Delton United; AD Bombers 5-0 vs NPC Termite Control Colihaut; and Drafters 3 Revivers 3-1.