With two titles of the Dominica Football Association 2012-2013 football season decided, attention is now turned to the Intermediate League where Cube Cheese Barber Shop Bath Estate and Police are the main contenders to lift that championship.

Cube Cheese Barber Shop and Police advanced their causes to 18 and 15 points respectively Sports Club are out front in the DFA Intermediate League with 15 and 12 points from 7 and 6 matches respectively. Cube Cheese beat Genesis by two goals to nil last time out to take their goals scored for and against to 30-10 while Police thrashed Underground Starz 5-1 to take their goal difference to 7. So the position is that if these teams win their remaining matches, 2 and 3, Police would have to step up their scoring in their last three matches to eclipse Cube Cheese Barber Shop.

In other matches: Jay's Ltd Grand Fond Young Boys played to 1-all draws with RC Doctors and Dominica Secondary Schools respectively. The points are: CCBS Bath Estate 18 from seven; Police 15 from six; Doctors 11; JL GF Young Boys 8, Underground Starz 7; Genesis 6, and Lion Hearts 6; PYSA 4, Byon Strikers 4 and Dominica Secondary Schools 4.