Cabral Douglas
Cabral Douglas

As new general elections approaches there appears to be moves to revive the defunct Democratic Labour Party (Dem-Lab) of former interim Prime Minister Oliver "OJ" Seraphin.

According to a source who wished to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to publically speak about the matter talks are on-going and the party will be launched soon.

"The Democratic Labour Party is expected to feature in the upcoming general elections in Dominica. They have gone to the electoral office and even spoken with the Chief Elections Officer for guidance on the matter and are now in the process of putting the necessary things in place and crossing the "t" and dotting the "I" so that when that time comes it will be smooth sailing and they will be ready,' the source said.

The identity of the person who will lead the party is also being discussed, the source said and it may be either Ian Douglas or Cabral Douglas, the son of the late Prime Minister Rosie Douglas.

When contacted, Cabral Douglas was not prepared to say very much on the issue but he did confirm that very soon a press conference will be organised.

"We will soon invite the press to a briefing, be patient; you will soon hear from us," Cabral Douglas said.

According to our source, the people of Portsmouth are encouraging members of the Douglas dynasty to take action.

"I can tell you also that they have also spoken to Oliver Seraphin on the matter since he was head of that party and discussions are ongoing on that. The ball is in Ian's court at this time…pressure is on him as to how he moves and he has to do it fast. Lots of disrespect is going on which can no longer be tolerated," the source stated.

The Dem-Lab has been out of Dominican politics for more than three decades. Seraphin, who held the post of Interim Prime Minister for just about one year before and after Hurricane David, formed the Democratic Labour Party (Dem Lab) in 1979 after resigning from the Dominica Labour Party of Patrick John. As the constitutional crisis deepened nine out of 16 members of the DLP expressed support for Dem-Lab. In 1980 Rosie Douglas contested the Paix Bouche constituency seat on a Dem-Lab ticket and was beaten by independent Jenner Armour. In that election, the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) led by Eugenia Charles swept to a landslide victory at the polls with these results: DFP: 17; IND: 2; Dem Lab- 2). Charles went on to become the Caribbean's first female prime minister.

Meanwhile, the organisers of the new Dem-Lab say their aim is to unseat the DLP and they will work with the opposition United Workers Party to achieve that result.

"We are looking are contesting about six seats and winning at least three or four and that will create serious problems for the DLP," an organiser stated.