It's official. Lennox Linton is the new political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) and he will lead the party into the upcoming general elections.

"I feel humbled to be considered for the leadership a 25 year old political party to which the country is turning more and more for solutions to the governance and economic messes that have seriously injured the quality of life in Dominica over the past 13 years," Linton told the Sun just before the delegates' conference at Castle Bruce on Sunday September 1st 2013.. "There is a lot of public excitement buzzing around the idea... but I am mindful of the scope of leadership, management and team work involved in rethinking, rebuilding and renewing our 'Isle of Beauty, our Isle of Splendour'. It's an awesome responsibility to make a difference for the common good which will not be taken lightly."

Earlier, on August 16th, the UWP nominations committee, which is made up of the chairpersons of the various constituency associations, recommended Linton, the endorsed candidate for the Marigot constituency, to be submitted to the delegates' conference as the nominee for the position of political leader. Linton, with 16 votes, defeated Claudius Sanford and Ronnie Isidore, with one vote each. After the delegates conference, Linton told the Sun, the UWP will be deepening its preparation to do battle with the ruling Dominica Labour Party at the next general elections.

"In other words, this leadership transition is taking place at a time when the UWP is already in campaign mode in response to the reality on the ground driven by Mr Skerrit's anxiety to use the privilege of deciding the election date as a weapon of personal political advantage. So the UWP has been getting ready for the polls and preparations are being widened, deepened and strengthened as we speak".

Asked about the party's major challenges, Linton said it is determining what is best for all, identifying the pathways to achieving the best in a comprehensive redefinition of the future of Dominica as the model green economy on planet earth.

On the issue of whether the UWP is prepared financially, Linton said: "Campaign finance is a major challenge especially in a depressed economic environment where our political opponents in the Dominica Labour Party have secured millions of dollars from the sale of passports and other questionable sources. Accordingly, we are working hard and we are working smart. The good news is the evidence gets clearer everyday that there is enough money from the sweat and toil of Dominican patriots at home and abroad to finance the critical aspects of this campaign to rescue the people's government".

Meantime, the nominations committee have endorsed and recommended Ezekiel Bazil (candidate for Wesley), as President; Alroy Williams, Secretary; Joseph Isaac (candidate for Roseau Central) Deputy Political Leader, Hector John ( Parliamentary Representative for Salisbury) Vice President; Jameson Johnson , Treasurer; Danny Lugay (candidate for Roseau North) Assistant Secretary; Clive Prosper, Assistant Treasurer, Glenroy Cuffy , Public Relations Officer; Ron Green, Edison James and Norris Prevost were nominated as Trustees.