Ellections officer Clem John checks the ballot box
Ellections officer Clem John checks the ballot box

After a we-have-all-the-time-in-the-world six-hour marathon annual general meeting on Saturday, members of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) reelected Glen Etienne to be the boss of Dominica's football.

Etienne faced competition for the post from former DFA president Dexter Francis, Ibrahim Brohim and Ronnie Isidore.

Saturday's election followed a series of controversial issues including a court battle between Francis and the DFA. Earlier, Francis had challenged the validity of Etienne's appointment. He won the case and the court postponed a scheduled AGM. FIFA, the world governing body of football, however, thought the issue should have settled internally and threatened to disqualify the DFA.

The following are the officers elected at Saturday's AGM:

Glen Etienne- President

Michael Joseph- First Vice President

Jason Timothy-Second Vice President

Dexter Ducreay- Treasurer

Ken George- Assistant Secretary Treasurer

Gerald George- Public Relations Officer

Joffre Faustin – Youth Officer

Committee members are: Christina Sobers, Henrich Anselm and Martin Lockhart