Eunica Anthony- Victor
Eunica Anthony- Victor

Eunica Victor Anthony, attorney at law and United Workers Party (UWP) election candidate for the Paix Bouche constituency says the state of affairs in her constituency propelled her into politics.

"I recall going to Anse de Mai for fish with my Granddad. The picture is somewhat different now. We were not rich by any means but we were a proud working people. We must examine where has this desire gone and what has happened. My goal is to help restore this passion, help the youth to continue the traditions of their parents and to get them active," she said.

In an exclusive interview with the SUN, Victor Anthony said that having discussed with several colleagues, neighbours and friends, who, like her, have "sadly sat and watched our culture, traditions and way of life being eroded" something had to be done.

"We have noticed the stagnation in our constituency life; if we do not take a stand to be resilient and make changes for ourselves, who will? An explanation that the youths are not interested is not an answer! We have to find ways to inspire them," she said.

"This is my home, It is the place that has given me my happiest days, I desire to be proactive, to inspire change and help propel growth within the Constituency, if not here, where else?"

Growing up in Paix Bouche, the young lawyer said, she was part of the youth group and her friends, family and neighbours helped shape her character.

"The values inculcated in me are a direct result of my upbringing. I have always treasured my upbringing and so when I got called to the bar in 2006 part of my speech highlighted my desire to contribute to my community and to give back in whatever way I can. I subsequently left home to pursue opportunities and to further develop myself as an individual but the desire never left me," she said.

Asked about her choice of party, she said her decision was triggered by the state of the Dominica's economy for the past 14 years, among other issues.

"Although I applauded the effort in the social programs developed, these programmes do not encourage independence and personal growth. To me following a queue to seek assistance from one man is demeaning and should be a very last resort. Instead the focus should be on growth and allowing citizens to become independent," Anthony stated.

She also stated that a few years ago whilst working at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank she met Dr. Thompson Fontaine at an event; at the time he was working with the Government of St Kitts as a consultant. And at the end of that event Dr. Fontaine, she and another colleague found themselves talking about their love for Dominica and the changes that would bring about security and growth for her people.

"I saw the passion in him, I have felt the passion and the genuine desire in the voice of the other members of Team Dominica and so I choose to associate with them," she said.

If elected she intends along with "Team Dominica" to revive the agricultural sector employing more district officers to provide technical development among other initiatives.

She promised a clean campaign, one that will be noticeable by its lack of mud-slinging.

"My business is unity, inclusion and nation-building but not character assassination. I believe to get anything done we must work together not malign each other because we have a difference of opinion," she stated.

According to Anthony, politics is everybody's business. It determines one's quality of life, the amount we pay for bread and the opportunities available to everyone. It is all encompassing and cannot be ignored.

"The change I will inspire is to remain above the fray and to respond only to issues pertaining to country and development. I also welcome the opportunity to engage my opponent in discussing developmental issues in a public forum. I am not naïve; I don't expect to meet a group of perfect men and women. I choose the team which in my assessment would bring about a better Dominica," she said.