While the captain and coach of Dominica's men football team say they expect a reversal of fortunes when Canada plays Dominica for the second time on Tuesday, the Canadians are expecting a walk-over.

RedNation Canada's online soccer magazine says the score this time will be 3-0 at the end of the game to be played at the BMO Field in Toronto, Canada.

But Canada's head coach Benito Floro says his team will not be over-confident and the Canadian team has " a lot of respect for Dominica" after Game One.

On the other hand, Dominica's coach Shane Marshal says the team is quite comfortable playing away from home and he expects that "we could come back and score a few goals".

However, Red nation said in Game Two the Canadians will keep Glenson Prince, Dominica's goal keeper and captain even busier than he was kept in Game One; Prince believes his goalkeeping and his team's outfield play are up to the task.

"Being down two love, we still have a fighting chance in the second leg," said Prince.

Last week Dominica appeared to have performed well enough to be beaten by 2-0 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium in Roseau. Before that game the Canadians expected to score many more goals.