Reference is made to an article contained in the Sun Newspaper of 14 April 2014 entitled "Three party race in Posse" in which Cabral Douglas stated his intention to contest the upcoming General Elections either as an Independent Candidate or on a Democratic Labour (Dem-Lab) Party ticket. In that article, Cabral makes it clear that he does not support Ian for another term as Member of Parliament (MP) for the Portsmouth Constituency. Indeed, according to Cabral …' if the people of Portsmouth want a parliamentary representative that is not effective and non-existent then they can choose Ian Douglas of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP)'. The views at reference were essentially restated by Cabral on radio during the week of April 13 as well as in the Pulse Newspaper of April 16 2014.

Cabral is an adult, age 43, and therefore he is free to express an opinion on such matters. However, as Members of the Douglas Family resident in Dominica, descendants of Robert and Bernadette Douglas and siblings of Rosie Douglas (former PM), we perceive an obligation here to enlighten the citizens of this country on the facts. Accordingly, we reject the allegation from Cabral that such rudeness towards another family member, namely Ian, is deemed acceptable conduct within the Douglas Family. Moreover, the allegations by Cabral pertaining to Ian's non-performance as MP for the Portsmouth Constituency over the years are not consistent with the evidence 'on the ground'.

Cabral could be considered a newcomer to Dominica in that most of his adult life has been spent resident abroad; his period of residence in this country began around May 2013. Furthermore, Cabral was not born in Dominica, neither did he attend Primary School, High School or College in this country. Moreover during his lifetime, he has never voted in either a General Election or Local Authority Election in this country. Indeed his wife and their two (2) children, both under age seven (7), currently reside in Australia and thus their wellbeing may well be higher on his personal agenda than local politics at this time. Against this background, the question is:

•Whether it is prudent that such an individual be nominated or/and elected to Parliament during the upcoming Poll?

•What outcome or benefits can constituents expect from an Independent Candidate arising from the contest between DLP and UWP, the two main political parties on the island?

Most Dominicans, particularly persons living outside Portsmouth, became aware of Cabral's presence on the island earlier this year during the debacle involving Jamaican entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta. Recall that Church Leaders on the island were vehemently opposed to Sparta's performance at the Arbeedee Cinema, Portsmouth, on grounds that he … "glorifies the devil in his performances" … yet Cabral insisted thereby precipitating action by Government which resulted in a cancellation of the Show.

Clearly, this 'error in judgement' by Cabral, Manager of Arbeedee Cinema, illustrated a level of immaturity, a trait which does not auger well for his current aspirations to serve as MP. Alternatively, it is stated by some persons that Cabral's behavior in this matter was guided either by ignorance or arrogance or both, including his unwillingness to take advice from Hon. Ian Douglas on the matter prior to Sparta's actual arrival in Dominica on February 23 2014.

Ian succeeded former Prime Minister (PM) Rosie Douglas (Cabral's father) as MP for Portsmouth; in that post, he was preceded by former Dominica Labour Party (DLP) leader Michael Douglas (Ian's father). Moreover during the period 1951 to 1957, Robert Douglas, grandfather to both Ian and Cabral served as MP for an area of the country that encompassed the Portsmouth constituency. Accordingly, we are pleased with the Legacy of Public Service by the Douglas Family to Dominica, notably in politics, but also in the professions and otherwise.

While Cabral's desire to build on this Legacy is welcomed there is cause for concern that his approach to doing so is wrong and certainly will not yield satisfactory results for the reasons discussed earlier. An analysis of the two (2) individuals at reference reveal that Ian is more suited for the job of MP whereas Cabral appears to have an aptitude for Business.

Indeed, Ian's experience in Government coupled with his dedication to service when taken altogether are such that his performance is now approaching optimum. In the circumstances, it is advisable that Cabral's attention be directed at other concerns, including the Family Business, and that he refrain from fomenting any further distractions to the electorate.

MacIntyre Douglas, Eisenhower Douglas and Eleanore Lambert (Uncles & Auntie respectively to Ian and Cabral)