Membersof the Dominica Labour Party at the Lagoon Roseau meeting
Membersof the Dominica Labour Party at the Lagoon Roseau meeting

"After one full year as political leader of the United Workers Party, the only public official in the entire Caribbean that Lennox Linton can find to call "friend" is Allan Chastanet," said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit at a public meeting in Lagoon Roseau last week Thursday.

Although Prime Minister Skerrit did not disclose the date for the 2015 general election, as some persons predicted he would, campaigning has apparently begun as the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) announced that this was the first of a series of public meetings. The Lagoon, Roseau meeting held on September 11, 2014, the DLP said, was planned to expose the horrific characteristics of United Workers Party (UWP) political leader Lennox Linton.

At the meeting, Attorney-at-law Lennox Lawrence addressed the crowd on the issue of Linton's alleged plagiarism of the speech of Allen Chastanet of St Lucia.

According to Lawrence, on several occasions Linton had plagiarized from Chastanet and other writers.

"I take great comfort in the fact that these revelations have come to the fore ahead of the calling of general elections. Therefore, you will have the opportunity, very soon, to tell Lennox Linton how you feel about him, and his conduct, as an individual in public life," Lawrence said. Furthermore, Prime Minister Skerrit insinuated to the crowd that elections are soon approaching and it will not be long again before DLP supporters portray their disgust of the "wannabe" Prime Minister.

"I feel and sense your outrage and I promise you that it won't be long before you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your disgust at the despicable conduct of this wild boy…masquerading as a wannabe Prime Minister of this beautiful land of ours," Skerrit said. "The time is drawing nigh for voters in this country to return to the polls to elect a government of their choosing. The power to hire and fire, as always, resides with you".On the issue of the state of the Dominican economy, Skerrit said that in spite of the challenges of the global economy, Dominica has fared out in the region and he is satisfied with the work done by the party, thanks to the resources and relationship with our international partners.

"I am satisfied that the Dominica Labour Party has done a remarkable job of attaining physical and infrastructural advancement, propelling economic activity and sustaining social services. The past six years have been very challenging, due, in large measure, to the unraveling of the global economic order as we knew it, back in 2008," said Skerrit. "As we look around the region and the world today, not many countries have fared as well as Dominica; and we owe our resilience, to the fortitude and resourcefulness of our people, as well as to the confidence and expressions of friendship.....manifested by sections of the international community."

Skerrit said that while the government was negotiating meaningful development plans the country Lennox Linton and Edison James chose to ridicule every initiative made by the government.

He said: "The Windsor Park cricket stadium was ill-conceived! The West Coast highway was never going to finish! The State House was a white elephant! The expanded airport was not necessary! Night landing at Melville Hall would make no noticeable difference! The State College could have waited! The Princess Margaret Hospital was ok as it was! Scholarships for young Dominicans were a scam! Fertilizers and other inputs for farmers were nothing more than bribes! Geothermal was a pipe dream! Embracing Huge Chavez and Venezuela would harm relations with America and Dominicans would not be able to travel to the United States", he said.