Schools Independence Athletic Competition
Schools Independence Athletic Competition

Five new records including one by Shanee Angol, who set a new record at the 42nd Junior CARIFTA Games in The Bahamas this past Easter, were set at the 2013 Secondary Schools Independence Athletics Championships at Benjamin Park on October 16 and 18. One record was also equalled.

Shanee Angol running for Pierre Charles Secondary School (PCSS) threw the javelin 39.53 metres in the girls' Under-16 category.

Dominica State College (DSC) accounted for two of those new records. Zellie Charles high jumped 1.61 metres in the girls U-20 event; while the College boys' ran the open 4x400-metre race in 3:34.8 minutes.

Mohesia Thomas of Castle Bruce Secondary School (CBSS) ran the girls' U-14 1200-metre race in 4:14.4 minutes.

North East Comprehensive School (NECS) completed the girls'U-14 4x100-metre relay in 55.9 seconds.

Ross Victorine of Dominica Grammar School (DGS) equalled the U-16 boys' 200-metre time of 23.1 seconds.

North East Comprehensive School domination of secondary schools independence athletics has continued for a seventh straight year, led by their young ladies who have won every competition from 2007-2013 inclusive. The NECS young men have made their contribution to the overall championships with four top place finishes including 2012 and 2013.

Following in the wake of NECS Boys who compiled 136 points were (2) DGS 130; (3) PCSS 120; (4) DSC 94; (5) CBSS 65; (6) Portsmouth Secondary School, (PSS) 62; (7) Goodwill Secondary School (GSS) 58; (8) Isaiah Thomas Secondary School (ITSS) 48; (9) St Mary's Academy (SMA) 34; and (10) St John's Academy (SJA) 1.

The girls were: NECS 186; (2) PCSS 137; (3) DGS 116; (4) DSC 69; (5) St Martin's Secondary School (SMSS) 52; (6) ITSS 45; (7) CBSS 30; (8) GSS 28; (9) PSS 24; (10) Convent High School (CHS) 21; (11) SJA 17; (11) Business Training Centre (BTC) 17; and (13) Wesley High School (WHS) 6. Under-14 athletes Anelia Austrie, NECS and Errolson John, DGS gathered the most points for their schools. Anelia led all comers with 31 points including gold in high jump, 300m and 150m, and silver in 100m and 1200m.

John took gold in shot put and long jump, silver in high jump and bronze in 100m. Shanee Angol, U16, PCSS registered 28 points with gold in javelin, silver for triple jump and shot put and bronze in long jump and 400m.

Cameron Carbon, GSS U20 boy amassed 24 points as also did U-16 boy Jazan Laurent, PCSS. Cameron won gold in 5000m, 1500m and 800m; while Jazan took gold in 1500 and 800 and silver in javelin and 400.

Coming away with 21 points were U-20 girls Luan Gabriel, DSC and U-14 Tianna Jno Lewis, NECS. Luan took gold in 400, 100, and 200 as well as in 4-100. Tianna won gold in long jump and 100 and bronze in 300.

Jamila Edwards scored 20 points for SMSS with gold in triple jump, silver for long jump and bronze for 100 and 200.

Other top male performers were (U-14) Sarwan Lockhart 19 points with gold for javelin silver in 300 and bronze in 1500; and Jaqwan St Aimee 18 with gold for 300 and 1500; (U-16) Ross Victorin, DGS 18 points with gold for 100 and 200and bronze in long jump; and Josh Toussaint, ITSS gold in shot put and discus for 14 points; and (U20) Deshawn George, DSC 18 points with gold for triple jump and long jump and bronze in high jump; Kihmo Benjamin, NECS 17 points with gold in shot put.

Female performers included U-14 Mohesia Thomas, CBSS 17 points with gold in 1200 and silver for 300m; (U-16) Sherrine Serrant ITSS 19 points with gold in 200 and silver for 400; Tyler Jones, DGS 18 with gold in discus and shot put; and Cherese Rossi, PCSS with gold in 3000 and 800; and U20 Zellie Charles, DSC.17 points with gold in high jump and long jump.

Germain Jno Lewis, GSS boy won 100 and 150; Kereal Matthew, DSC U-20 male won 100 and 200; and Raheem Joseph, NECS U-20 male won discus and javelin.

In the relay races, NECS girls won U-14 4x100, boys and girls U-16 4x100 and open girls 4x400. DSC won male and female U-20 4x100 and open boys 4x400 with DGS winning the boys U-14 4x100.