"After this meeting, what appeared or seemed to be a political rally, change is a must, not an option! They have to go, they must go", a proud supporter of United Workers Party (UWP) Team Dominica told the Sun at a meeting at Lagoon on Thursday evening last week.

With the high hope of capturing all four electoral seats in Roseau, the UWP held the last leg of its East-to-West series of meetings in Roseau Central on August 28, 2014.

An eager and attentive crowd gathered as the candidate for Roseau Central constituency Joseph Isaac revealed the party's vision for the capital city of Roseau.

The business man told the crowd that during the time "when my businesses were swinging" he created over fifty sustainable jobs.
Isaac noted that the travel expenses of the candidates on the governing side are increasing yet it is difficult to give the workers of the Public Works Department an increase.

"While they travel and increase traveling expenses in this country, they cannot give the Public Works an increase. Why are we struggling in this country, the Public Works people cannot get pay week after week, month after month, is that justice, my people?

"In my leader's political address he said 1.5% in first year, 1.5% in second year 3% will be implemented as we get into office that is what we have for the public officers," Isaac said.

In addition, Isaac told the people about the plans and the vision that he has for Roseau.

"We need to focus on the city, it is time and it is overdue to create a city, a first class regional city, a clean and green city. Do you agree with me when I say Roseau is clean now? ".
First on the agenda for Roseau central is the road reinstatement project, Isaac said.

"What we want is to initiate the Roseau Road and Reinstatement Project, that project will create several jobs all between 500-1000 jobs in Roseau, easy," said Isaac.

"This involves creating a modern parking facility, this involves putting solar street lights, improving the sidewalks, resurfacing the entire Roseau city and increasing drainage for Roseau we are also going to embark on a job rehabilitation project where our people are suffering can get decent jobs," said Isaac.

He also mentioned of the construction of a state of the art water park in the Botanic Gardens for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

Improved housing, a modernized vending arcade, more jobs and revitalization of sports are all included in the plans for a better Roseau under the UWP government, Isaac said.

"We are talking housing transformation. We are talking about having a private public sector, commercial real estate investment program in Roseau.

"People are struggling to build to improve their facilities in Roseau we can join with them to get poor people off the ground", he said.

A major platform of the UWP is the revitalization of sports in the Roseau area. The UWP wants full use of the stadium where there will be adequate space for practice sessions as well as the commencement of the construction of the indoor sporting facility.

"We will establish a community centre, where as to bring back the community spirit into Roseau".

"We want at least 1000 jobs in Roseau city in the first three years of the UWP administration of the 5000 jobs in three years Roseau wants its share," he said.

Previously, the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) announced its own plans for revitalizing Roseau.