• Scotshead Dominica (New York Times photo)

    After Maria's Devastation, Can Dominica Be a Destination Again?

    Read this. Beautifully done. From the New York Times; Published today.

  • Very Unusual business: man loots after Maria

    Sue for Maria looting

    A number of Dominican business owners plan to sue the Government for alleged negligence and dereliction of duty that resulted in widespread and wanton looting of their properties following Hurricane ...

  • Dr Phillip St.Jean speaks to the press

    Goodbye, Dr. St. Jean

    Davis Letang, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health says Dr. Phillip St. Jean, who died last week, served the Ministry of Health for "quite a number of years" ...

  • Two men watch looting after Maria

    Looters speak: "It was all about survival"

    Looting after Hurricane Maria that devastated Dominica on 18th September 2017 dominated the news lately when business owners demanded a "public inquiry" into the operation of police officers who allowed ...

  • The late Dr. Phillip St. Jean

    Tribute to Dr. Phillip St. Jean

    By Paul Moses

  • AID Bank Chairman Charles, Manager Corbett and other officials at the GM

    Marin Charles is new Resident Ambassador of Dominica to the ...

    Insurance agency manager Martin Charles has been appointed Resident Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced.

  • Dominican biker races in St. Lucia

    Dominican bikers make statement in St Lucia

    A group of Dominican bikers say it made history when it travelled to St. Lucia, for the second time, for the celebration of St. Lucia 39th anniversary of independence.

  • Zellie Charles

    Zellie Charles awarded full scholarship by Towson University

    Student-athlete and 2017 NJCAA All-American awardee, Zellie Charles, received a scholarship to attend the 4- year Towson University, in Maryland USA.

  • Royal Bank of Canada in Roseau, Dominica

    Royal Bank closes

    RBC Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) announced today that it has closed its Dominica store as a result of physical deterioration of the building in the aftermath of damage sustained ...

  • Archille Joseph, CEO of the Domnica Employers Federation

    No answer

    Plundered by wanton looters after Hurricane Maria, members of Dominica's private sector are dismayed that the Roosevelt Skerrit Administration has largely ignored a letter that they wrote to government almost ...

  • Farmers gather at Division of Agriculture, Roseau for World Bank Grant

    Post-Maria World Bank farm grant ignites politics

    Dominica's main opposition party, the United Workers Party (UWP) says it wants "a full forensic investigation of the Skerrit administration's handling of the World Bank grant to farmers".

  • Red Cross photo- See caption

    Dominica Red Cross reorganizes

    Dominica Red Cross (DRC) is now in search of a new Director General (DG) after Kathleen Pinard-Byrne, the DRC-DG for 25 years, resigned over growing criticism and discontent among staff.