• Woman holds a sign during electoral reform protest

    Street Battle Ahead

    The proposals came as an unpleasant surprise to the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM). Now the group which says it stands in defence of the constitution swears it will not accept ...

  • Left: Anchorage Hotel and right, Evergreen Hotel

    Hotels at Castle Comfort still closed

    One year after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the hotel stock in Dominica, hotels along the Castle Comfort strip are down and out. It may take many years for some ...

  • CCCUL executive and 2018 scholarship winners

    Patrick Pemberton to CCCUL scholarship winners: Develop relationships, nothing is ...

    Patrick Pemberton, the seven-foot president of the Central Co-operative Credit Union Ltd believes few things are as difficult as they originally appeared.

  • Part of Cancer Walk 2015

    Cancer Walk: Trying to raise $100,000

    Cancer. No other six-letter word is spoken with so much dread in modern Dominica. Not because cancer can't be managed but treatment of the disease is terribly expensive. That's why ...

  • Rayburn Blackmore

    Drugs and guns behind spate of killings

    Rayburn Blackmore, the National Security Minister, says the government is to tighten guns laws after a spate of deadly shootings here over the past two weeks.

  • Goose laying golden egg
  • Witness Stand, inside the court last week

    High Court to re-open in October

    Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Evelina Baptiste and National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmore have confirmed that the criminal session of the High Court will officially open in October.

  • Left to right: Dame Eugenia Charles, Edison James and Roosevelt Skerrit

    Hot-Air AirPort

    One person who has been deep in the bowels of prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit's Dominica Labour Party (DLP), part of his cabinet and the collective responsibility that goes with it, ...

  • Members of the Concerned Citizens Group

    Electoral reform heats up

    A group calling themselves Concerned Citizens Movement have taken up the issue of electoral reform. CCM wrote to the Electoral Commission in July about the voter registration process.

  • Emerline Anselm

    Local Teacher and New York Based Diaspora Group to be ...

    NEW JERSEY, USA (30 August, 2018) – She's a community organiser, a teacher and lately, an "entrepreneur of circumstance". In a few weeks' times you will also call her special ...

  • Mac Douglas, right, and relatives carry coffin to burial ground

    RIP, Mac

    If there was anyone who could be described as being as Catholic as the Pope it was Macintyre Emmanuel Nicholas Douglas who died on 12 August 2018 and was laid ...

  • Man holding plastic food container

    Yes, ban plastic food containers but what about the cost?

    Government has decided that beginning January 1st 2019 there will be bans on plastic straws, plastic plates, plastic forks, plastic knives, Styrofoam cups and Styrofoam containers. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit ...