• Venezuelan president Maduro,left, and Prime Minister Skerrit

    Skerrit congratulates Maduro on electoral victory

    Not unexpectedly, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit today congratulated Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who was elected for a second six year term

  • Centenarian Alfreda Georges takes a call on her birthday

    "She focused on her relationship with God"

    Alfreda Georges, affectionately known as Aunty Freda, was born in the village of La Plaine, Dominica on August 12, 1913 to Rosa Georges nee Bruney and John Henry Duport Georges. ...

  • Inside the Scouts Headquarters in Roseau

    Residents in a house without a roof call for help

    Vanley Joseph of Roseau wants help to alleviate poor conditions that he and others are living in at the Girl Guides and Scouts headquarters on High Street, Roseau.

  • Achile Joseph, CEO of the DEF

    DEF alarmed by WAWU branding employers

    A May Day rally statement made by Mr. Kertist Augustus, Secretary Treasurer of the Waterfront and Allied Workers Union, to the effect that employers are using Hurricane Maria to exploit ...

  • House at upper Canefield damaged by Hurricane Maria

    Housing like hell

    This is not the sort of treatment Jeremy (not his real name) expected from his landlord. Not after the terrors inflicted upon him and the entire country by Hurricane Maria ...

  • Roseau South MP Joshua Francis

    Joshua Francis: I cannot say no to the people

    He is back. Joshua Francis now says he will bat a second innings in the upcoming match for the hearts and minds and votes of residents of Roseau South.

  • Rah Peters and his damaged equipment

    Rah Peters: "Maria was a hurricane of hurricanes, trust me"

    Derrick "Rah" Peters, the Bouyon pioneer, lives in Bath Road in a house sandwiched between the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and the Financial Centre.

  • Kevin A Francis, Executive Vice President of DHTA

    Insurance Payment Delays Hampering Rehabilitation Efforts of Tourism Industry

    Hoteliers and other key stakeholders in the tourism industry have expressed frustration with insurance companies over delayed payments. The lag, the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) says, "is preventing ...

  • Cuthbert Vidal, Sisserou Parrot, centre, and fruit destroyed by birds

    Those left to mourn

    This presentation is dedicated to the honour of Mr. William of Marigot, Mr. Witnel Louis of Coulibistrie and the many other farmers persecuted by parrots.

  • Letang and Pichlin village, damaged by Hurricane Maria

    Thomas Letang: "The whole face of the village was changed"

    Thomas Letang, a resident of Pichlen, a small village near Grand Bay in the south east of Dominica, was home on September 18, 2017 monitoring the progress of Hurricane Maria.

  • Anthony John, board chairman (top rt); Ellingworth Edwards, Managing Director and NBD building

    NBD shines again

    In 2017 dark clouds started blowing away and slivers of sunshine began peeping through the gloom. Good news, at last. In 2017 Dominica's major financial institution, the National Bank of ...

  • MP Joseph Isaac goes to parliament

    Joseph Isaac: "History will absolve me"

    Vilified by the people who just weeks ago said they treasured him, and at once praised effusively by others who recently loathed him, Roseau Central Parliamentary Representative Joseph Isaac, dressed ...