• Dominica's Women's Basketball Team, 3rd Place in Gillian Brazer Tourney, Antigua, 2006

    Women 'Ballers Can Jump Too! (Part III)

    Part II of the article completed the presentation on "on-and-off" representation; presented the longest serving women's teams; home-bases of women's teams; Women's All-Star Team and Women in 3x3; and awards ...

  • MICHELLE S, one of the pioneer women's basketball teams; early 1980s. Courtesy C. Severin-Abraham

    Women 'Ballers Can Jump Too! (Part II)

    Part I of the article presented on Dominica's first women's basketball team; level of participation of women's teams in the national league; about women's teams playing in lower men's divisions'; ...

  • PIONEERS, Dominica's first women's basketball team, 1980 photo


    In the year of Our Lord 2021 women's sporting disciplines at the national level in Dominica include netball, rounders, volleyball, track & field, football, cricket, and basketball. But up until ...

  • Washway Douglas (Centre) with Jacob Barry and Jarquan Hamilto of the OO Washers Programme

    Warshwoa, Possie's Mr. Basketball

    Part I of the article presented on some of Adenauer Douglas' involvement in basketball in Portsmouth and in DABA's national league, more specifically his involvement in basketball administration, and the ...

  • Washway Douglas (in white short), Coach of YSA Washers

    Warshwoa, Possie's Mr. Basketball

    A member of the Douglas family in Portsmouth, he was christened Adenauer but is more popularly known by his nickname which he spells "Warshwoa", but this is pronounced "Wash-way". Many ...

  • Donnie Robinson (L) played with Harks from late '80s; his dad Edgar played in 1970s

    Harks Were Here!(Part III)

    Part II of the article completed the presentation on "So Close, But Yet So Far", presented on the lack of a dedicated team coach, Harks' high-scorers, and began presenting on ...

  • See article for photo caption

    Harks Were Here!(Part II)

    Part I of the article presented on Harks' entry into the national league, the ensuing years, and one of their failed attempts to capture a championship. The article continues below.

  • SKOL International Harks, early to mid-80s. Photo Courtesy Lobie (Back L-R): E. Loback, Edgar Robinson, David Williams, Jonathan Prevost (Front L-R): Tony Dixon, Albert Lawrence, Augustus Harris.

    Harks Were Here!(Part I)

    You hear the word 'hark', an Old English word that means listen, and immediately your mind flashes to that popular Christmas Carol, "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing". But in Dominica's ...

  • Promotion poster

    Stars Shoot 4 Worthy Cause

    During the 54 years of organized basketball at the national level in Dominica the administrators of the national league from time to time have come up with some rather creative ...

  • Johnny Daniel, after whom the FCBL Memorial Play-Off Match was named. At an All-Sports Promotion event.


    Part III of the article concluded the presentation on teams from Fond Colé which participated in the national league from 1994 to 2000. It also presented on the playing of ...

  • Miguel Hill, MTV Woodbridge Most Disciplined Player, FCBL 1992/1993

    Fond Colé's Basketball Story

    Part II of the article presented on the teams that represented Fond Colé in the national league from 1986 (in part) to 1993. The article continues below.

  • Glen Latouche did a lot for Fond Colé basketball, even though he was not a play

    Fond Colé's Basketball Story Part II

    Part I of the article presented on Fond Colé teams which competed in the national basketball league from 1983 through 1986 (in part). The article continues below.