• Bath Estate was associated with lime production for decades, and with basketball for 10 years

    Bath Estate's Wolverines

    Part I of this article presented on Wolverines II and III, as well as on Bath Estate's basketball facility. The article concludes below.

  • Bands, Sound Systems and a Music Shop have contributed towards Dominica's basketball

    Sweet Music On The Court

    Act 1, Scene 1 of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night includes the following line: "If music be the food of love, play on". This article has nothing to do with literature, ...

  • The WOLVERINE is a strong, ferocious carnivore

    Bath Estate's Wolverines

    The story of Bath Estate, a.k.a. Lakoudwé, from the 1970s onwards is a very interesting one. It includes references to lime fields separated by neat Galba windbreaks, fresh limes, and ...

  • BLAZERS Sports Club was formed in 2016

    Massacre's Big Basketball Tablet (Part V)

    Part IV of the article presented on the Blazing Hot Blazers; Blazers' opponents through the years; Blazers representing Dominica; and Blazers in friendlies and overseas tournaments. The article concludes below.

  • BLAZERS on winning the 2009 Premier Division championship, accompanied by Coach (in long-sleeved shirt)

    Massacre's Big Basketball Tablet (Part IV)

    Part III of the article continued the presentation on the players from Massacre who represented Dominica in basketball; Massacre's basketball trophy collection; Referees from Massacre who officiated in the national ...

  • Lindson Lynch posing with one of BLAZERS' championship trophies

    Massacre's Big Basketball Tablet (Part III)

    Part II of the article continued the presentation on the Massacre-based teams which participated in DABA's National League; these comprised Massacre, Massacre Blazers, Blazers II, Blazers Senior (commencement of their ...

  • Donnie Robinson (L), Thomas Felix (C) and Javeed Joseph all represented Massacre in basketball

    Massacre's Big Basketball Tablet (Part II)

    Part I of the article presented on Massacre's basketball court and two of the early Massacre-based teams which competed in DABA's National league, viz. Massacre and Tar Heels. The article ...

  • ASHWORTH DANIEL played with Tar Heels and Blazers from Massacre, and other DABA teams

    Massacre's Big Basketball Tablet

    The West Coast village of Massacre which is nestled between the communities of Canefield and Mahaut, once boasted of the popular Sea Moon Night Club, a huge colourful mural depicting ...

  • Alice Jno. Jules played basketball during 15 seasons

    Bravo, Alice Jno. Jules

    Part I of the article presented on Alice's entry into basketball as well as her scoring prowess. The article concludes below.

  • Dunstan "Maggie" Peters

    Maggie satisfied with his constitutional removal

    While Dunstan "Maggie" Peters says he would have loved to continue the work he started in the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA), the ousted president says he is satisfied that ...

  • Alice Jno. Jules played league basketball with Pioneers and three other teams

    Bravo, Alice Jno. Jules

    During the 1970s and 1980s, a few Dominican women were involved in multiple sports and Alice Jno. Jules was one of those ladies. Being involved in netball at club, national ...

  • Blazers 2014 DABA Premier Division Play-off Champs

    Meet The Champions: 1993-2004

    The two preceding 'chapters' of this series, viz. 'Champions on Podiums' and 'Parade of Champions' collectively presented the many national basketball league championship teams who competed in Division I, Division ...