• 2011 Ballorama champs (See story for full caption)

    Listwè Basketball An Gwanbé (Part II)

    Part I of "Listè Basketball An Gwanbé" presented the origin of basketball in Grand Bay, and focused mostly on part of the performance of NATIONALS, Grand Bay's first basketball team.

  • Augustus "Perez" St. Hilaire played basketball with Grand Bay's NATIONALS, then PROS

    Listwè Basketball An Gwanbé (Part I)

    Grand Bay, a.k.a. "Sout' City", and "Gwanbé" in Kwéyòl, is often associated with Dominica's rich cultural heritage, the Nature Island's political and social landscapes, and sports.

  • Victorious DOMINICA GIRLS Basketball Team at 2018 Windward Islands Schools Games. See story for complete caption

    Dominica in 'Inter-Schools' Basketball (Part II)

    Part I of "Dominica In 'Inter-Schools' Basketball" presented a brief note on the origins of the Windward Islands Schools Games (WISG), and Dominica's performance in Boys' Basketball for part of ...

  • Victorious DOMINICA BOYS Basketball Team in 2015 Windward Islands Schools Games.  Photo Courtesy: Sports Division Facebook Page

    Dominica in 'Inter-Schools' Basketball(Part I)

    Inter-Schools is the popular name given locally to the Windward Islands Schools Games (WISG).

  • Twin basketballers, Shaun (L) & Shane Reid, 2009.  Only Shaun is still an active player. Photo Courtesy: Shaun Reid Facebook Page

    Twins on the Court

    Segment A of "Twins on The Court" presented the Etiennes and the Hendersons.

  • Jean (L) and Joshua Etienne, retired identical twin basketballers. Circa 2011

    Twins on the Court

    You may have enjoyed eating a "jimo" (double) banana or grapefruit, or used a "jimo" seasoning pepper or plantain in cooking and you probably did not pay those joined fruits ...

  • RAIDERS' Ira "Bloaters" Frazer shooting a Free-Throw in "friendly" vs BLAZERS, Portsmouth, 1990s

    Possie's Basketball Vibes

    Part II of "Possie's Basketball Vibes" peeped into Raiders' performance during the periods 1997-2000 and 2015-2017, and began presenting a brief on the Portsmouth Basketball League (PBL).

  •  Intellico Security Systems RAIDERS, 2017 (See story for full caption)

    Possie's Basketball Vibes

    Part I of "Possie's Basketball Vibes" peeked into the performance of Portsmouth's first-ever basketball team in the national basketball league, viz. Raiders, from their formative years up until 1991. The ...

  •  Three members of the original Raiders team. Left - Jerome Alexis; Centre - Ira Frazer; Right - Perry Alcid Jr. (2018 photo)

    Possie's Basketball Vibes

    Indian River… Cabrits… Benjamin's Park… Burroughs Square. What do these have in common? Well, for one, they are all natural or historical landmarks on Dominica. Secondly, they are all associated ...

  • Composite of Kelver Darroux Hurricanes, 2016. Kelver Darroux 4th from Right. Photos Courtesy: St. Joe Hot Up FB Page. Composite by Yannick Bethel

    Sen Joe Basketball's Score-Sheet

    Part I of the article focused on the participation of basketball teams from St. Joseph in the national league, from the late 1980s through 2014. Those were: St. Joseph, followed ...

  • Village of St. Joseph, home of St. Joseph, Rovers, Hurricanes and Jaguars Basketball Teams

    Sen Joe's Basketball Score-Sheet

    Ask the 'average' Dominican the question, "What has St. Joseph produced to date?", and possibly topping the list of answers would be GRAMACKS – one of Dominica's top Cadence Bands ...

  • 7Six7 S.C. team in DABA 2017 Under-17 Basketball Festival (See story for complete caption)

    "Juniors" Basketball Was Serious Business

    Continued from previous edition.