• Marcellus Lee played with 4 teams in Dominica's national basketball league, and on the national team

    Mercurial Marcellus Lee

    It is said that every journey begins with a single step and Marcellus 'Ti-Ling' Lee embarked upon his basketball mission when he was only about 8 years old, while attending ...

  • Only one team named LIONS has played national league basketball

    Wildlife Gracing Our Courts

    Part III of the article presented the teams named after insects, an archosaur, and two named after mammals. The article continues below:

  • PROWLERS Intermediate team, circ. 1987 (see story for details)

    Roseau Valley Basketball Tour

    Morne Micotrin, at 4,006 ft towers over the area in Dominica known as the Roseau Valley, because with very good reason, 'The Valley' boasts of a treasure chest showcasing some ...

  • Bench with Ball image

    Playing With No 'Bench'

    A basketball game cannot begin with less than five players from each team on court, ready to play. However, once the game has started a team may continue to play ...

  • Roderick Deschamps, current Customs Comptroller and retired basketballer

    Customs Passed the Ball

    One of the first persons that a traveler arriving in a country interacts with is a Customs Officer. Even basketballers returning home or visiting for a friendly tournament must go ...

  • L-R: Egbert Charles/Saints, Alice Jno. Jules/Saints, Ronnie Gustave/Zebians

    Saints, Zebians, in Basketball?

    You're walking up Federation Drive one Sunday afternoon and pass two young men in a roadside conversation. One of these athletic-looking youngsters says, "Saints", and immediately Saints Cricket Team or ...

  • Former FLAMES Players from different periods: (Left) Joseph Peter – 1983 to 1987; Robert Guiste – 1991 to 1996

    Those White-Hot Flames


  • 1980s FLAMES Senior Team with a full squad. Photo Courtesy Neckers

    Those White-Hot Flames

    Part II of the article presented on Flames' performance from 1979, including their participation in lower level Divisions. The article continues below:

  •  FLAMES Sr. with one of their championship trophies. Photo Courtesy: Neckers

    Those White-Hot Flames

    Part I of the article presented on Flames' entry into the basketball arena and peeked at the team's performance from 1974 through 1978. The article continues below:-

  • By-Trinee FLAMES circa 1977. Standing L-R: Black, Juba, Lenny, Young, Fanso.  Stooping: Tony, Seibert, Neckers, Lennox

    Those White-Hot Flames

    You hear the word "flames", and immediately heat and fire consuming almost all that come before them come to mind. And if you are a mid-1970s to late 1990s basketball ...

  • Barny Williams of LA Dark Knights meeting Kelver Darroux, KDBL 2018 Ball-o-rama. Photo courtesy 365 Photograph & KDBL Facebook Page

    Basketball near Bout Sable (Part V)

    The penultimate part of the article presented on La Plaine's 3-on-3 competitions and Friendlies; La Plaine teams in other Off-Season Leagues; La Plaine's School in competitive basketball; basketballers from La ...

  • Ron Green (L), then Minister for Education, Youth & Sports, accompanied by DOC and Sports Officials, receiving sports equipment from Dr. Jenny Allport

    Basketball near Bout Sable (Part IV)

    Part III of the article presented on the performance of La Plaine's teams in recent editions of the national league (continuation); La Plaine's team in KDBL 2018; La Plaine in ...