PM Roosevelt Skerrit
PM Roosevelt Skerrit

On Wednesday, just six days before the general elections, the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) was once again back in Roseau Central to endorse the DLP candidate Alvin Bernard.

"I am not supporting Alvin Bernard tonight simply because he is our candidate in this constituency. I recruited Alvin Bernard six years ago and invited him to contest the Roseau Central seat on the ticket of the DLP. I am tonight saying to the people of Roseau Central I need Alvin back in my cabinet but this time as a newly elected member" said DLP political leader Roosevelt Skerrit.

Skerrit added that there are new development plans scheduled for his government's next term in office and he would prefer to have a parliamentary representative to work with.

The United Workers Party in particular has been making allegations about the importation of voters who do not meet the criteria to vote in the election and that the DLP are the behind the alleged importation.

At the meeting in Roseau Central, Skerrit said the DLP have not instructed any overseas Dominicans to arrive on island to cast their vote.

"Leadership, I remind you my brothers and sisters is everything. Lennox Linton, as told by someone, and that in itself is a reflection of his judgement, but he was told by someone that Labour has a plane-load of persons arriving at Douglas-Charles airport tomorrow evening at 3pm. First let me take this opportunity to state categorically that the DLP is not aware and is certainly not associated with any planes of Dominicans or any individuals arriving at the Douglas-Charles Airport tomorrow at 3pm, Thursday at 3pm or any evening at 3pm or any other time," said Skerrit.

"So I do not know where Lennox Linton get his information from but great journalist that he is he heard a rumour and he ran with it not once stopping to check his facts."

Skerrit added: "Had he not cancelled his plans storming of the airport tomorrow evening he would have gone up there in vain because there was and is no plane arriving from the US tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday chattered by the DLP.

"Here is man who wants to be prime minister come next Tuesday morning; he hears that there is a group of Dominicans arriving in Dominica and he incites his supporters to go to the airport to create mayhem; he invites them to go to the airport and compromise the safety at landing at the Douglas-Charles Airport."

Meanwhile, DLP candidate Bernard told Labour Party supporters: "We now have detailed plans to make Roseau the political, administrative and commercial capital of Dominica but also the entrepreneurial and new business hub of Dominica, the sports capital of the OECS, the cultural capital of the creole world and the eco-tourism capital of the region."

"We have even gone further and secured the funding for the complete renovation of Roseau. This massive exercise in urban renewal will upgrade the physical appearance of Roseau while preserving its architectural heritage."

He then further listed the plans that are in store for Roseau central if the DLP gains that sought after seat.

"The plans include improve drainage and sanitation, resurfaced roods, improved pavements, more traffic spaces and better traffic management. New and renovated private housing and public buildings, the creation of recreational and sporting activities such as a large indoor sports stadium, Olympic size swimming pool for the young people, a tennis court and the completion of the Roseau river promenade which has already begun," he said.