Roosevelt Skerrit speaks at a rally in Salybia
Roosevelt Skerrit speaks at a rally in Salybia

Even before residents of the Carib Territory had voted for Roosevelt Skerrit, or Cassius Darroux or the Dominica Labour Party, Skerrit thanked them, 18 times, at the end of a speech in Salybia last week.

"Victory for Cassius Darroux on December 8th! God bless you! I salute the people of the Kalinago Territory! Labour all the way!" said Skerrit as he stabbed the air again and again and again with a long-sleeved arm and pointed fingers. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ...Thank you!" And the people screamed and the seated dignitaries stood and they clapped and they cheered. Unadulterated political theatre.

Before that loud climax to his speech, Skerrit earlier tore, like a preacher attacking sinners, into the character and suitability for political office of Claudius Sanford, the United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for the Salybia constituency. In a clear attempt at divide and rule, Skerrit accused Sanford of tolerating what he described as woeful treatment by the leadership of the UWP.

"Tonight Claudius Sanford has the guts and testicular fortitude to show his face as the Workers candidate once again. That man, ladies and gentlemen, has no shame," he said.

On the other hand, Skerrit argued, Darroux, his new candidate, has been called by God and his fellowmen to represent them.

"He's on a mission, on a crusade to lead the people to the Promised Land," Skerrit said.

Then Skerrit professed to the Kalinago people that he had an undying and unique love for them, he cares much more than any other prime minister in the history of Dominica.

"Roosevelt Skerrit and the Kalinago people go way beyond partisan politics," he said. "I have walked every hill and every valley in this constituency."

He added: "I make no apology to anybody for any of the investments we have made or continue to make in the Kalinago Territory. You deserve every single dollar and more that we spent in the Kalinago Territory. You deserve it! You deserve it!"

And as he continued to plummet the air above his podium with his left arm, Skerrit said he has special plans for the Kalinago Territory in education, if they reelect the DLP.

"I am saying here tonight from henceforth-every-single-child-in-the-Carib- Territory, the-Kalinago-Territory, who-get-accepted-into-the-Dominica-State-College-shall-have-a-full-scholarship-from-the-Government-of-Dominica," Skerrit stressed, counting the words, lifting his arm repeatedly, striking an invisible opponent.

Or was it an imaginary Sanford?