Mr. Lennox Linton's tenure as leader of the UWP began in Castle Bruce in in September 2013. He hit the ground running hard in spite of little money and resources to rebuild the party and prepare it for the next general elections. He immediately embarked on an island tour to meet Dominicans across the land by visiting the 21 constituencies in 25 days. He surrounded himself with vibrant folks such as the former IMF economist, the Grand Fond man, Dr. Thomson Fontaine and an impressionable young lady from the coastal village of St. Joseph. Ms. Monell Williams burst on the scene with her famous and exhilarating mantra at the massive Londonderry rally: 'For this I rise'. Multitudes of young women and girls (boys and men) heard her loud and clear.

In January 2014 Mr. Linton and a delegation embarked on an unprecedented and high successful North American tour. It began on the frigid banks of the Potomac River in Washington DC during a punishing arctic blast. They criss-crossed the vast land of America by car meeting Dominicans and bringing the message of change, hope and new sense of order. That was followed by tours of the Western Europe, the French islands and the Northern Caribbean.

Lennox continued with his mobilizing efforts and broadening his coalition and recruiting qualified candidates. He believed that once the populace digested his message they would respond and so he kept on hammering away that what Dominica needs is a new and transparent way of governance where country and people and not party or politics come first. That message resonated with the masses and the intellectuals in Roseau. I am so happy for my high school class mate Mr. Danny Lugay for a convincing win. Also congratulations go to Mr. Isaac in Roseau Central and the family values man, the consummate politician and telegenic Roseau South Attorney at Law, Mr. Francis. The agricultural belt is now anchored in the north by Mr. Linton in Marigot and Mr. Bazil in Wesley and Mr. John is standing resolute on the coast.

The results of the December 8th elections saw Big money and the Bajan political mercenaries winning over Dominica's democracy. This brought tears to our eyes and agony to our hearts and heads. Dominicans at home gave Lennox and Team Dominica their hearts and souls but the heavily armed police garrison at the airport, the Diaspora, the Electoral Commission and some polling station bosses who were intimated by high powered lawyers delivered the votes to the other side.

Throughout the most vicious campaign in Dominica's history, Lennox followed the laws in letter and in spirit and exercised grace, focus and poise whilst under intense pressure, fierce and relentless attacks. His grass roots campaign throughout was one of integrity and honesty. During their 'Thank- You' meeting in Lagoon, Lennox and his team were looking ahead to the future. Their motor is: Dominica is for all of us to save, it's our homeland and therefore we can't afford to spend our time and energies wallowing in the luxury of despair and a highly questionable defeat do not prevent victory next time.

But Lennox and Team Dominica have nothing to be ashamed of. They made thousands of Dominicans feel what it is to be Dominican again. They fought the good fight and communicated to us in a very fundamental, loving and patriotic way what it is to love our country and to care about its welfare and future. They have made me proud and reignited the things the old folks taught and told me back in the La Plaine valley. I should not cheat, lie and steal for what does it worth a man to gain riches and fame but his soul suffers. The Nobel laureate writer V.S Naipaul eluded to this fact in his first novel the mystic Masseur; the greatest of all failures and defeats are when victories are stolen or won by deceitful and fraudulent means and ways.

In spite of it all, Mr. Linton and Team Dominica supporters' heads and hearts may be heavy but we are not unbound. We will continue to fight the good fight for our beloved island home for it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. In the end, good will always triumph over evil but it may take some time. God's speed and good luck to you Lennox and your family and to all the brave and committed patriotic soldiers of Team Dominica and their families as well. Let's all pray for our island home for the good Lord knows that it needs all the prayers it can get.