Left to right : Clide Cadette, Chavis Delsol and Shawn McDonald
Left to right : Clide Cadette, Chavis Delsol and Shawn McDonald

Glen Etienne, the President of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) has called on the three officials who received FIFA badges for the 2018 season to ensure that they make themselves available for matches on a regular basis.

Last week, referee Chavis Delsol, assistant referees Clide Cadette and Shawn McDonald were handed their FIFA badges at the Patrick John Football House in Bath Estate. Etienne warned that "two matches a week is not enough especially since we are short of match officials."

"Your performance will constantly be under the microscope since you are a FIFA official. You will be under constant surveillance by the Referees Committee and the referees department, which I am sure, will not hesitate to pull you up when you let down your guard. I can also say without fear of contradiction that the two bodies will not condone laissez-faire attitudes and behaviour from you for such an attitude will be to your own detriment and maybe your eventual demise as a member of the FIFA list of officials," Etienne said.

He encouraged the other officials to work harder with "greater determination and commitment."

"Let me encourage you to work as a team. However, equally important is the work that you put in on your own. While your colleagues may be able to share knowledge and best practices with you, you certainly cannot count on them to share their fitness with you. This is a trait that you must acquire for yourself and one that will assist you on the field of play. Now that you are presented with your FIFA badge it means that you now represent not only yourself but you represent the entire DFA and FIFA organizations. This means that you must portray yourself as a deserving representative of both the DFA and FIFA," Etienne said.

He also reminded the officials that that their actions both on and off the field will come in for great scrutiny.

"Therefore, you must always strive to be good ambassadors and to be above reproach. Let me urge you to be good role models and to redouble your efforts. What we are looking for now more than ever from you is dedication, commitment and a determination to succeed. You will only succeed if you put in the extra work," he said.