Dominica Grammar School, Brilliant flower of the Caribbean, Sparkling gem among the islands, Carving the destiny of great men, Bright lights in a dull world— Telford Georges, Philip Potter, Laurence Charles, Irving André, Inspirational teachers, Nathaniel Jeffers and Victor Archer. Fame and glory you have known.

II Light in a dark, confused world, Beacon of life in a world of slumber, A ray of hope among a forlorn fold, Initiator into the mysteries of earth, Expanding horizons of our minds. Discovery of a new world Of promise and of hope, Shattering the empty dreams That nothingness in vain enfolds, Blazing a resplendent trail In the uncertainties of human life, Blooming in the wilderness of our days.


Lighthouse in a danger zone, Power of wisdom and knowledge, Shattering the storms of ignorance. Dawn of a bright, new day, Spelling hope on our uncultured paths, Shining light dispelling The gloom of bigotry Encumbering minds and hearts. Pathway of the wayfarer Lost on a night of gloom. Challenge of youthful dreams That impede growth in life.


Mariner's compass on a dark night, Conquering delusions and phantasy. Triumph of the modern age, Greater than the conquest of space. Experience of human encounter. Human questioning, human goals, Eliciting the young, fertile brain, Formerly without elastic strain, As the world of wisdom Stands wide open to all In all its radiant majesty Before ambitious, unspoilt youth.

V Seven colours of the rainbow Assuming new radiance and scope. Sun shining ever more brightly On the brand new day, Recreating the old world Long yearning for fodder That draws its children Into mature, adult forms Of human promotion and endeavour. The bliss of being known as man, Of attaining hard-fought achievement In a world of cut-throat competition.

VI Rose-garden exuding the beauty Of the brilliance of learning, A place for cultivation Of mind and of spirit. A space for channelling The jungle forces in man, No more relying on vain pretensions— The wily powers of witchcraft, The cunning of fake doctors, The guiles of Sam, the obeah man. Bastion of soaring excellence In a world glorifying mediocrity.

VII Oasis in the wild desert, Mountain in the distance, Urging us to propitious bounds That promote human excellence. Dreams on the mountain Leading us into hills and valleys, Unto the seas and shores of human life, Cascading down the waterfalls Into streams of sparkling waters, That draw the young man in its flow. Robes of exquisite delight, Marking the human journey.

VIII Sublime instincts of downtrodden youth, Nurtured by education and discipline— Companions of human growth. From the bottom up, Urged by the tamarind whip, A potent sting of love, Accompanied by the salutary reminder: "Whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth." Cadet Corps and weekly drill, Cricket and Soccer For capable students of D.G.S. Annual athletics competition. Botanical Gardens in all its glory, Enhancing the charm of youthful skill. Annual Speech Night at Imray School Room. Skilled dramatic performances on stage. Rewards of academic performance. May 24, Empire Day Parade— Proud children of the British Empire Singing lustfully of the Mother Country, Far away in the Promised Land, The Land of Hope and Glory. Empire Day Sports for schools, Crowned with the Tug-of-War.

IX Literary Club, Quiz programmes, Head-boy and prefects, School drama and debates, School and Cambridge examinations, Rifle exercises and competition, Chemical laboratory classes, Variety of personalities On teaching staff. Pride of a young man Found worthy of the Grammar School, Glory of the age.

X D.G.S., breathe the age-old air. May the age-old spirit dispel all fear. Triumph over ignorance and foolishness; Rise to great heights in all life's business. Tower over the scourge of mediocrity; Reject the pull of conformity. May your School Spirit never depart; Make strength of character your rampart. May nature's university inspire you; May you continue to build anew On foundations generously laid. May your courage never fade: This is a fervent hope from me; This is your noble destiny.