I Who will break me loose From the chains that bind me, From the stranglehold of those wretched sounds That enslave the spirit, Shattering the melodious music That wells up in my heart?

II Roaring, rumbustious strains Mar the melodious music of life. Who will deliver me at last From the blitz of arrogant men That ruin the peaceful life, Provoking trenchant, incipient madness?

III Fountains of exalted life Quell the stinging whips of anger, Challenge the clangs of confused men Who know not how to reverence Composure of inner peace. Grossly do they trample Upon the precious gift of interior bliss. Loud, shocking reverberations Jar the vibrant brain, challenging relentlessly Sweet, soothing sounds of silence.

IV In their wrath, women they place On the block of human cacophony, Springing from the bilious bowels Of discourteous, haunted men. They know not to bend their callous knees Before the sacred space of life And hail respect for human frame, That humbly seeks to nurture The golden streams of life, Nourishing the teeming brain, Firing dreams of hope, Championing the inner spirit, Sparking the divine element in man!

V A world of raucous voices we entertain! Who will champion Golden Silence, The joy of men on earth? Who will give us a whisper of humility, Replacing a daily blare of vanity? Who will herald the finer springs of life, Turning themselves to alluring strains That nourish unfettered men, Creatively carving the way to go?

VI Borne aloft on wings of silence, Bold, transcendent vistas Extend the horizons of our minds. A new day dawns. A new man springs to life, Giving hope of a world renewed.