• I am ashamed as a T&T citizen

    Please allow me some space in your newspaper to share my letter.

  • Under the Canefield cliffs

    Danger ahead, under Canefield cliff

    Not so long ago in the wee hours of February 18th, a massive section of the Canefield Cliff gave way, narrowly missing a passing motorist. This near catastrophic event, as ...

  • Anthony LeBlanc

    I would like this statement to be corrected

    The Sun published this sentence in the article, "Building Boom", published in print and online dated 30th March 2018.

  • Hell on Earth?

    No man can serve two masters. As a region, the Caribbean is being called to chart its course according to one of two masters, both of whom require unflinching allegiance. ...

  • A strike is not at all selfish

    A strike is an expression of dissatisfaction. There is such a thing as freedom of expression. Calling a strike selfish would mean that the government takes the liberty to limit ...

  • Commonwealth of Dominica national flag

    The Dominica Flag: is it a symbol of identity and ...

    "The green field represents the lush vegetation of the island. The cross represents the Trinity and Christianity, with its three colours symbolizing the native Indians, the fertile soil, and the ...

  • Alkaline shows his tattoos


    From time immemorial humans have been copycats! By copy cats I mean one that closely imitates or mimics another, or put another way, someone who copies the words or behaviour ...

  • A preview of a carnival Monday or Tuesday costume band parade

    Double Standards Again

    2016 was a year of real controversy. No need to mention them except for the topic of the new laws protecting children and even adults from sexual harassment and violence.

  • A man stands in the crowd at the protest meeting with a sign in Roseau this morning

    Come ye forward –everyone-Do the right, Be Firm, Be Fair

    It sometimes happens that in the life of a nation, its people experience a few events for which they are totally unprepared, due in large measure to the novelty of ...

  • Two tourists look at one of the two Trafalgar waterfalls

    Frequent Traveller to Dominica: My Impressions

    Three and a half weeks ago I returned from my journey to Dominica and since then I am thinking about writing a letter to a newspaper in Dominica.

  • Parry Bellot

    The Unholy Crusade of Parry Bellot

    Every culture in the world has its own set of norms and values which they hold sacrosanct for the smooth operation and continuity of the society. In a world too ...

  • Prime Minister Skerrit, 2nd from left gets an honorary degree

    What's in a name, in Dr. Skerrit?

    I note that Mr. Skerrit uses the title Dr. on his invitation. He is ill advised doing so less he wants to be seen as a parvenu, be accused of ...