• A woman holds up a BlackLives Matter sign at the Michael Brown memorial in Ferguson, Missouri, U.S., on August 9, 2015.

    Will Racism Ever End?

    Former West Indies cricketer, Michael Holding, has spoken out strongly against racism. He rightly did so. Acts 17:26 tells us that God "made out of one man EVERY nation of ...

  • Open Letter to the Ministry of Education: "We are only ...

    Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence

  • Image of coronavirus

    The Great Equaliser

    Leonardo Joshua

  • Mahaut village- the main road

    Mahaut Roads: "Dreadful and Dangerous"

    I am writing this letter in order to draw attention to the dreadful and quite frankly dangerous driving conditions that exist in the village of Mahaut.

  • In my dream I beheld a beautiful park

    When I had been set down and my eyes made to see and my nose smelled sulphur, I wondered aloud where I could be because I beheld a beautiful park ...

  • Manifesto de Eltucio

    We believe that small island states like ours have the capacity and wherewithal to survive comfortably and develop to a level of twenty-first century excellence even without huge deposits of ...

  • Democracy Abducted

    Generations after the Kalinago, Phillis Shand Alfrey, Edward Oliver Leblanc, Cecil Rawle, Emanuel Loblack, Balla, Pharcell , Congoree, the Jamaican Nanny and colleagues, we are certainly certain, of a simple ...

  • Angel story

    Dominica is supposed to be a Christian nation. After all, were named after the Lord's Day and we have three crosses on our flag and all the other stuff on ...

  • Re. Your editorial in the Sun newspaper of 23 April ...

    I write to you with strong concerns regarding part of a sentence in paragraph five of this editorial.

  • Police Take Heed

    In case you are wondering why I do not directly write to you Mr. Commissioner, concerning matters of public interest, please allow me to enlighten you, Sir.

  • It's Crazy

    We complain with: "If God loved us He would not let this happen or that happen" when we may be the ones who create the schisms that have us in ...

  • A tale with a twist

    By Dr. William Green