Coulibistrie River after Erika
Coulibistrie River after Erika

Salisbury and Morne Rachette residents are still experiencing difficulties accessing potable water in their communities.

Parliamentary Representative Hector John said that not much has changed since Tropical Storm Erika last year.

He said that the storm destroyed the water intake at Upper Coulibistrie and Morne Rachette residents are now forced to collect their daily supplies of water at 1:00a.m when it becomes available for a couple of hours.

The supply at Coulibistrie is also unreliable, John said.

Both Coulibistrie and Morne Rachette are getting water through the West Coast water system since the road to the intake was destroyed during the storm, rendering it inaccessible.

Work on the road has been proceeding slowly.

John said Tropical Storm Erika destroyed the intake at Salisbury and a makeshift one was put in place.

However, the water is not potable and is further compromised when it rains.

Residents of Salisbury therefore have to travel to Mero for potable water.

A Dominica Sewage and Water Authority's spokesperson has promised to give details on the situation. However, up to press time, the company had not provided the Sun with official information.