Celebrating independence, or any other event for that matter, after a major disaster is probably the hardest thing to do.

You want to celebrate but you also want to mourn.

So here is the dilemma that Dominica faced after Tropical Storm Erika dealt Dominica EC$1.2 billion blow on 27th August 2015, just two months before its 37th birthday. Should we celebrate or should we mourn? Should we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves up and get on with the task of national reconstruction?

The Government of Dominica apparently decided to take the middle ground; it cancelled the World Creole Music Festival, reduced the number of events in this year's celebration of independence but maintained the non-fete events.

As usual the Sun covered the events and commented on the controversies. Here is a list of the major articles, addresses and opinion pieces on Dominica's observance of 37 years of independence.