Overseas votes crucial

Hundreds of Dominicans living overseas are to cast their votes when elections are held; they could determine the winner

Fingers of voters

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  • Skull in the grass at the Roseau Public Cemetery

    Skull in the grass

    Officials of the Roseau City Council are not saying much about the recent discovery of an unburied human skull among bushes at the Roseau public cemetery. The council is responsible ...

  • Chinese Ambassador, left, and Chinese student playing in school band

    China and Dominica celebrate 65th anniversary of the formation of ...

    "This year makes the 10th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Dominica and China, since 2004 the friendship and corporation between our two countries have grown steadily," said Ambassador to China ...

  • Judge Errol Thomas, left, and law officials at the opening of the New Law Year

    Another delay in judicial review of police case

    Lawyers and members of the deceased man's family were in court waiting for Justice Errol Thomas to begin the hearing. But to their surprise there was a delay in the ...

  • Reginald Austrie

    Capuchin gets ready for Heritage Day

    Every year Cabinet in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture selects a new village to host the annual Heritage Day. This year the proud northern fishing village of Capuchin will ...

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