• Cadencelypso icon Gordon Henderson

    Hit us with music

    Dominican music pioneer Gordon Henderson believes the Cadence-lypso genre continues to play a vital role in the evolution of Dominica's music culture.

  • members of the Original WCK

    "We have no idea where we are as an industry…" ...

    Dominica's music industry has been limping along with behind others in the Caribbean.

  • Dada Lawrence, music producer

    Thoughts on Bouyon…

    Outspoken Dominican music producer, Krishna 'Dada' Lawrence has some frank comments about Bouyon.

  • EmileDepooter, Manager of Triple Kay band

    Thoughts on Bouyon…

    The high cost of travelling to and from Dominica and lack of tangible support are two of the bugbears restricting the progression of Bouyon music overseas.

  • Musician Cornell Phillip

    Thoughts on Bouyon…

    Bouyon pioneer, Cornell 'Fingers' Phillip is worried that too many people are unaware that 'Bouyon' originated in Dominica.

  • Two of Dominica's top musicians- the late Jeff Joseph, left and Nasio Fontaine

    Music as a source of income

    Only a smattering of musicians in Dominica earn a living almost exclusively from music.

  • Members of Exile One- Fitzroy Williams, top left, Gordon Henderson, top right, and Vivian Wallace

    Gordon Henderson talks music

    Since the 1970s, 'Cadance-lypso' has been the signature sound of Dominica, but now local music insiders are scratching their heads as they grapple with two tough questions.

  • Original WCK plays in New Yourk

    Lyrical content

    We have all heard complaints about the lyrical content of some locally generated music, including Bouyon.

  • Former Calypso King Karessah

    Compose calypsos for us . . . or us and ...

    Should local Calypso lyrics be about Dominican issues, or should they be relatable to a wider Caribbean audience?

  • Carnival Band parade in Roseau, Carnival 2016

    Carnival as a marketing tool

    Is Dominica's unique carnival underused as a marketing device to showcase local musical talent?

  • Band plays before large crowd at Creole in the Park

    Raw Riddim, Bitter Blues

    Dominica's music is distinctive, highly creative and full of power and intensity; so why is it taking so long for it to set the world stage alight?

  • Gordon Henderson shows one of his albums

    They stole his song

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to engage Brazil to seek a diplomatic solution in a copyright violation case that could be worth millions of dollars.