• Dominican Jazz musicians

    Echoing canon, exploding songs

    Some 3,000 patrons congregated at the 9th Jazz 'n Creole musical festival that has grown over time to be a spectacular event. The groups of Pan in Harmony, Stars Combo ...

  • Patrons at an earlier edition of the Creole 'n Jazz Festival

    Talking Jazz

    Yes, the Jazz 'n Creole Festival would have taken place yesterday; but the event has indeed grown over the few years of its existence to an activity that many look ...

  • Minister of Culture and Tourism, Robert Tonge

    Culture and Tourism: The merger

    Culture and tourism are now a married couple; obvious and good matches, soul mates. It is, therefore, incumbent on me, as a cultural activist and former administrator, to compliment the ...

  • Musicians play at Botanic Gardens in Roseau, Dominica

    On music and violence

    "Correlational studies have suggested a connection between the kind of music youth listen to and various maladaptive behaviors and attitudes, though the direction of causality is not clear".

  • Members of Exile One- Fitzroy Williams, top left, Gordon Henderson, top right, and Vivian Wallace

    Bouyon is stagnant

    Have you ever given a thought to the reasons why after 30 years Bouyon has been unable to impact as much as Cadence did in the 70's? Is it just ...

  • Dice, Dominica's best calypsonian

    Kaiso and change

    Change, they say, is the only constant but it is also the hardest thing to adopt or adapt to. Nonetheless, I will venture to highlight some of the suggestions for ...

  • Cecil Joseph , manager of DBS radio at the ceremony

    Standards of radio broadcast diminish

    "Cring , Cring" my cell phone rings and I would have never thought, though I judged right who the caller was; a board member of another radio station calling to ...

  • Hayden "Lord Tokyo" Desire

    The 20 best and most marketable Calypsos of all time

    This year marks 60 years of competitive Calypso in Dominica from the first king, the Observer aka Trini, in 1958 to the new monarch who will either be the reigning ...

  • Four former Calypso Monarchs: Clockwise- TashaP, Dice, Observer and Scrunter

    My view of the 2018 Calypso Finals

    First off congratulations to 'De Bobb" on his undisputed claim to the Calypso throne after a persistent seven years of placing in the top five and having knocked relentlessly on ...

  • Calypso writers, left to right- Lloyd, Durand and Aaron

    Kaiso and that second composition

    After the first Stardom Tent where the calypsonians performed their second compositions I was disappointed in most cases. One calypsonian who was very unfortunate not to have made it to ...

  • Jay Dee

    Relief song/Strong Dominica

    Ever since Maria some people never smile

  • Emanuel Salamat (Haxey)

    My thoughts on 2018 Calypsos

    This article was submitted just after the Quarter Finals but given my assessments which over decades have proven correct, I expect the same outcome. I expect at least nine from ...