• Derek Walcott reads poetry at the 2008  Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair

    Derek Walcott passes on

    Another Caribbean great is called to the Great Beyond and again there was no fanfare.

  • Two tourists look at one of the two Trafalgar waterfalls

    Music and the Eco tourism linkage

    Dominica's National Park was declared a World heritage Site in August 1997 making it one of the few acclaimed heritage sites in the English speaking Caribbean. Within this park, and ...

  • Dice performs in a Calypso Finals compitition

    Dominican Calypso: A SWOC analysis

    Dominica's Calypso has outlived all others for its social political commentary. Even the formidable home of Calypso, Trinidad and Tobago, will confess that the Soca/jump-and-wave-craze, be it "groove" or "power" ...

  • Walcott in 2008 at the UWI Centre in Roseau

    Walcott critical of Dominican writers

    Walcott critical of Dominican writers

  • Bouyon Monarch, Carlyn XP

    Bouyon and the Monarchy

    Everyone wants to be a king or a queen, so Dominica has Calypso Kings and Queens, National Queens, Mother's Queens, Miss Bold and Beautiful and in recent times, a Bouyon ...

  • Dice after winning one of his 8 crowns

    It could be anyone's crown

    Saturday promises to be a blast since, for a long time, Calypso is not constrained by the dominance of Dice in the Finals. For quite a while it had always ...

  • Calypso writers, left to right- Lloyd, Durand and Aaron

    Song writer's dilemma: twavay pou anyen

    On the heels of the Dominica Calypso season the call has been made, and is being made just as it was for last month's DBS Christmas song contest for writers ...

  • Man plays rust steel pan at the opening of Carnival

    Pan Plummets

    The following poem won first place in the National Day poetry competition almost two decades ago. Pan . There was a slight resurgence among schools and through the work of ...

  • Bobb is "real Dominican Calypsonian"

    Calypso Under the Microscope

    A powerful 13 with a couple reserves have been chosen at the Eliminations to do battle with last year's 20 semi-finalist and finalists on January 28th 2017.The 13 are: Jaydee, ...

  • Performers at the NCCU Cadencelypso competition 2016

    Thoughts on the NCCU Cadence competitions

    A wonderful idea is again being threatened to become just a staged event for tourist and visiting Dominicans.

  • Janet Azzouz

    Cadence Innovations of Angel

    "Can you feel the beat, beat" of her heart? In recent times as Dominica's first female Cadence artiste Janet " Angel" Azzous- Shillingford, who brought you several hit songs in ...

  • Performers at Dominica's World Creole Music Festival

    Snapshot: Independence Showcase

    The 38th Anniversary of Independence and the 19th edition of the WCMF will go down in history as one of the best ever in terms of organization, participation and execution ...