• Part of the 2013 National Dress Parade

    Countdown to Forty Years of Political Independence

    Dominica is in full gear towards the observance of political independence after hundreds heeded the annual call by the Ministry of Culture through the Chief Cultural Officer to raise flags ...

  • Carl St. Rose

    Love, Death and Poetry

    (Memories of former US Army Sgt. Julius Carl St. Rose)

  • Sheridan Gregoire

    The Making of the World Creole Music Festival

    A high level team of innovators and initial movers and shakers of the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) who 20 years ago came up and executed what many thought would ...

  • Dice, Dominica's best calypsonian

    For the survival of Calypso

    It is well known by now that Dominica is now the last port of call, the last bastion and hope for the survival of Calypso as we presently know it. ...

  • Algie in Africa

    In Memory of Ras Algie

    It is magic my grandpa used to say

  • Senior citizens at an earlier function

    Treat Them Right

    An art form like Calypso can be so effective in conveying messages and influence change that I am moved this week to publish the composition below to highlight the plight ...

  • Ian Michael Anthony

    Good Male Vocalists Required

    A music producer here brought the paucity of good male vocalist on island to my attention. I understood where he was coming from but I responded: 'Not really' because his ...

  • McCarthy Marie

    Artistes, music sampling without permission is wrong

    Intellectual property attorney Richard Stim states the following as it pertains to music sampling in recordings: "Like all artistes, musicians sometimes like to borrow from one another. The complication, however, ...

  • Gloria Augustus

    Pretending Reality

    Soon after I submitted my last article to this newspaper I received a call from Gloria Septra Augustus informing me that she was staging a new production with her company ...

  • The late V.S. Naipaul

    V.S. Naipaul departs

    When a writer passes as did Derek Walcott a couple years ago, and as V.S. Naipaul did on August 11th at the age of 85, their lives continue through their ...

  • A Linen Market with Enslaved Africans. West Indies, circa 1780 by Agostino Brunias (1728 - 1796) – Artist (Italian, active in Britain (1758-1770; 1777-1780s)

    From Slave Ship to Championship?

    What a wonderful title to one of the nation's most powerful Calypsos written and performed by calypsonian The Liberator addressing Caribbean people in the Eighties. Yes, last week we all ...

  • Part of the Sisserou Singers group at an earlier event

    Sisserou Singers always in "Harmony"

    Twenty productions in 21 years, 22 choir members and 11 instrumentalists; this is the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers today, as they presented 'Harmony' their latest production earlier this month. There ...